This afternoon I served as a panelist at the Austin Technology Council’s Sales and Marketing Strategy Session. The panel featured Eric Brunker from Sentient Services, Laura Thomas(the avatar behind Dell), and Me. The panel was light hearted yet informative. I learned that Dell is preparing to begin customer service office hours on Dell Island by August and that some marketing professionals had not yet heard of Second Life. Eric hinted at a major partnership between a virtual world newcomer and a major media corporation based in Atlanta, juicy stuff!

For the most part the panel was in agreement, we think that
1.Virtual Worlds are the next evolution of the web
2. Virtual world communties are skeptical of major brands when they enter virtual spaces
3. Big brands need to offer the community something in order to avoid a backlash
4. A companies virtual presence must be managed, it isn’t something to build and “let run”.

When the presentation is posted, it wil be linked here by the date July 18

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