Educators Coop Grand Opening
Lsat night we held our grand opening party for the Educators Coop. We had quite a few guests, enough to crash the sim during the first hour. For the party, we turned half of the community sandbox into a dance floor complete with DJ booth, animated speakers, dance machine, smoke machine, light effects and of course Salsa music. It was great to finally have people on our new sim, Bluewave and I were giddy to see ittle green dots on our mini map. Our guests flew around to look at plots of land and then stuck around for a long time chatting away about learning and research in Second Life.

This is a picture of me testing out our dance machine in front of the Dj booth. Notice my Educators Coop biker jacket? One of the things I love about SL is that you can bring your own style to the virtual world. I would never wear a freebie t-shirt from an edcuational organization in Real Life, but, i would a leather biker jacket with an Educause patch on it if they stuck a freebie in my next conference bag. Maybe this will inspire them..


My biggest thrill of the night happened towards the end of our party when the chit chat turned into collaboration and sharing. One of our potential residents shared a new tool he was working on in SL, a live RSS reader and a wearable web browser. Everybody was interested in the tools so we removed the dance floor and had an impromptu show-n-tell in the sand box. It was at this point when we realized that our vision for the Educators Coop was becoming a reality. We provided a space to encourage unfiltered exchanges. The formula appears to work, placing smart people together with similar goals and diverse backgrounds will spark innovation and foster community. This is a picture of Felix’s RSS reader displayed in the Sandbox


As the RSS feeds are being displayed, We see that one of the feeds is a news story from SLNN about the grand opening of the Educators Coop. What a great surprise. the story is here Professors in Pajamas“>

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