Joe Sanchez aka North Lamar

I have been displaying my real life (RL) name in Second Life (SL) for about two months now and almost every night somebody asks me to explain how I do it. It really is simple, create a group in SL. Open your group and in the roles tab select one of the roles (onwer, officer, or everyone).
group roles
After selecting the role, if you look at the bottom half of the window you will see some text that is editable. From here, edit the text and add you name + aka. For my group, the owner text reads “Joe Sanchez aka”. Now when i wear my group title it reads Joe Sanchez aka North Lamar. I choose to show my RL identity in SL since I am looking to create connections and build networks in real life. My information in my profile is real so i figured why not go one step further and display my RL name. I also thought it interesting because my last name “Sanchez” indicates my ethnicity, at least for Americans it does…

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