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Beth Sussman from USA Today wrote a short piece about universities teaching in Second Life. Beth Ritter-Guth, a resident of the Educators Coop, is quoted in the article as she describes her Literature Alive! program in Second Life. I also get a nice quote towards the end of the article ,but, what I’m most excited about is that they printed pictures of my class.

This article is nice because it helps to explain the types of teaching activities some of us are doing in Second Life. The article even made the light bulb click for my dad who now has a good understanding of my work. He even made a few excellent wisecracks. The funniest is his comparison of the role-play activity featuring Malcolm X and Mother Teresa with the movie Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.
Bill & Ted
He membered (yes, he said it just like this) how I constantly watched Bill and Ted with my younger brother. Anyway, for those not familiar with one the greatest movies of all time I’ll give you the basic plot. Bill and Ted are a couple of high school metal-heads with dreams of becoming a super rock group called the Wylde Stallions. Bill and Ted are both failing high school history and if they don’t pass the class, Bill’s dad will send him to military school. As Bill and Ted try and figure out how to pass they are confronted by Rufus (George Carlin). Rufus is a man from the future who eventually tells Bill and Ted that they are going to be a super big rock band who will eventually bring about world peace, but, they must pass their history class. Rufus gives them a time machine and the adventure begins. The movie ends with a climactic finish when Bill and Ted bring Ghengis Kahn, Abraham Lincoln, Joan of Arc and many others into their history class presentation. So, My dad equates role-play in Second Life with Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

After hearing from my dad, my older brother then tells me that i’m not doing anything new at all because Dire Straits had the virtual world concept nailed down back in the 80’s. Touché…

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  1. Oh, I love the Dire Straits video and remember its original run very well, c. 1985 was it? I was just getting into programming at the time and it blew me away. I wonder if anyone has replicated those characters as avis?

    And here we are in 2007: Lindens for nothing, avis for free. Aw, that ain’t workin….

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