Sony’s announcement of its entrance into the virtual world market in March wasn’t taken very seriously by many people . Sony’s virtual world “Home” connects PS3 (Playstation 3) users over a broadband connection to other PS3 users where they can create avatars, watch and upload movies, and socialize. Initially, Sony didn’t get the fanfare response they were hoping.
Sony Home Lounge
One reason is that Home isn’t as open as Second Life or In fact, most people considered Sony’s Home to be a very controlled environment. Most of the development of Home will be created by Sony and users will have few options to customize the world beyond avatar tools. One of the advantages however is that users receive an apartment when they enter the world. I still think owning individual land is a major piece of the Virtual World experience and serves as a factor for virtual world adoption, more on that later.
Sony Home

A new game being developed for PS3 with virtual world implications is generating quite a bit of excitement. Little Big Planet is a game that allows users to create and share their own content, download and play other users levels, and allows for cooperative play with other users. The graphics and physics engine are amazing and the hope is that Sony will tie this game into Home, allowing user to meet, form social networks, create group level challenges, and more. Could Sony possible allow Little Big Planet to become a developer tool kit for it’s virtual world? Watch this video to see how intuitive the building tools are and to see the amazing graphics and physics. Remember, PS3 is a console based system and the game itself runs on a disc, it isn’t streamed over the web like Second Life.

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  1. I typed LBW. I meant LBP, Little Big Planet. I have apparently gotten the name stuck wrong in my head. Grrr.

    The video on LBP I watched a while ago mentioned multiplayer action but it wasn’t clear to me if the players all had to be in the same place or not.

  2. You know i”m not sure, I have seen a video of the GDC Keynote where MM shows the game being played by four players and demonstrating the online interface to share and download new levels but I have yet to see it explicitly stated that players can collaborate in-game from different locations. I hope so, or else this game isn’t nearly as cool as it could be.

    On another note, Nintendo was very interested in having this game deveolped for the Wii and they were extremly dissappointed that Sony purchased the contract. LBW looks like a Wii game, too bad since I have a Wii but don’t have a PS3

  3. sorry totally the wrong place … that previous comment was supposed to go with your exploring SL video post!

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