Custom Car show in Sl 

The final student project in my Working in Virtual Worlds Class will be held Tuesday 7pm PDT at Slaytona. The event will feature a live DJ and several cars and motorcycles built by some of the best custom vehicle makers in Second Life. If you haven’t seen the high quality custom cars and motorcycles being built in Second Life this is an event you won’t want to miss. The work from these builders will inspire you. Big cash prizes will be given to the builders in both the MC and car class.

1st prize 5000L

2nd prize 4,000L

3rd prize 2,500L

Both the Custom car and Motorcycle Club cultures in Second Life have unique features from other SL groups.Many of the groups have strong rivalries and mimic the culture of Real Life outlaw MC clubs. This is a perfect opportunity to get a glimpse of a unique Role-playing community and support student work in Second Life. I hope to see yall there. IM me and I’ll give you a biker jacket for the event ; ).

p.s. The Office of Public Affairs office at UT Austin wrote a nice piece about our work at the Educators Coop. It is available here

P.P.S Leslie Jarmon is presenting a Session “Researching and Learning in a 3-D World” at the Texas Advanced Computing Center in Austin on Wednesday at 6:30. We hope to see our Local Austin friends there

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