Well tomorrow is my last day of class for Working in Virtual Worlds. Its been a very interesting semester and it ended with quite bang last night at the Custom car and Motorcycle show. The sim peaked out at 62 avatars and many people were sending me IMs trying to get into the show but the sim was jammed pack. The Drag Rats, the student group hosting the event, did a great job networking with the Saints of Hell at Slaytona to organize their event. The live Dj played great tunes and the outfits and dancing were outrageous. I felt like i was at a biker rally. I think the students enjoyed themselves too, it was a perfect ending to our SL experiences this semester.

Students of UT present Custom Motorcycle Show


Before the event I was able to take a class picture in SL, a few of  the students had already left by the time I remembered to take the snapshot but this is a good sample of our rag tag bunch. 

INF 315e Class Photo Fall 2007

I’ll be writing more about the class and my reflections on teaching this semester in the next few weeks as things start to slow down. I’m can’t wait to see the end 0f semester evaluations, the Virtual Team analysis reports, and the final machinimas being completed by the class on December 17. 

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