W00t W00t, “W00t” is the Merriam-Webster word of the year. W00t is being used more and more frequently in Second Life. Where i have seen the biggest growth of the word has been at educational events. Last year people would simply use a clap animation or a “/me nods” animation to indicate agreement or appreciation but now the o’l W00t W00t is starting to appear at the end of lectures and panel sessions. I think it’s cool, but according to the yahoo article, W00t is a “gamer” word. Hmm, educators, gamers, Second Life?!?

Kitty PopeW00t! W00t! Lori Bell and Kitty Pope from the Alliance Library System had a great write-up in an article from NextSpace titled The thoughts of nine experts about our increasingly online live. They are in great company with Edward Castronova and Hemanshu Nigam. I’m glad Lori and Kitty are being acknowledged for the contribution they have made in Second Life, W00t! W00t!

Lori Bell

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