Tuesday  i jumped on a plane and  flew out East for ALISE and ALA MidWinter, should be a fun time. ALISE is “the hiring” conference for information studies and the conference for education in LIS.  This morning I headed out to the local FOX affiliate for an interview with Loriene Roy ALA president and my suitemate for the week. The weather lady was scandalous, she wore a black coat opened over a lace bra, too hot for Austin TV, but ok for Phili?

I hate flying but i was able to spend time with my nintendo DS. For the trip I loaded TopGun, Brain Age 2, and Classic Arcade Games.DS on the airplane

At the airport I was able to pick up and read one of my favorite teen age magazines (ironically Dimebag was still on the cover). I love Pantera, the Dimebag tribute articles made my eyes swell up a few times. We miss you DIME, Black tooth grin for ya my man 


More real content later : )

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