On Learning: The future of Airforce Education

The US Airforce released this white paper On Learning: The Future of Air Force Education and Training that includes the incorporation of a virtual world called MyBase. This is a very forward thinking document and I applaud the courage the authors have taken to put these plans in a formal document.

Two quotes from the paper

Jay remembered being awed immediately after entering MyBase, seeing the avatar guard wave him on after
a quick check of his IP address credentials. After passing through the visitor’s entrance, he found the options
endless as he flew his visitor issued avatar around the base.
– Vignette 1

At any time of night or day, Airmen could enter MyBase and choose from an extensive list of speeches being given by
America’s leaders, take part in academics at any Air Force or civilian college, or meet and speak with participating
senior mentors. The learning opportunities seemed endless yet continued to expand.
– Vignette 2

MyBase is a virtual learning environment designed to enhance Air Force recruiting, training, education, and operations. It provides the means for Airmen to rapidly access the knowledge they need to make effective decisions and perform assigned tasks. Designed as a virtual Air Force Base, MyBase can be tailored to recruit the Millennial generation, inform the public, deliver precision learning, provide pre-deployment training or even conduct operational rehearsals.

Some of the frequent words in the paper include: Knowledge Management, Distributed Learning, Knowledge Transparency, Open Courseware,

One recommendation I like is the creation of a CLO (Chief Learning Officer) to transform the current training and learning practices.

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