Last night the presidential primary debate was held on campus at the University of Texas. This is the first time in my life that the Texas Primary actually matters and I have been very excited about having my vote 1 vote say in the matter. I had to be on campus from 4-5pm for a meeting with Jeremiah Spence who i will be co-presenting with at the  Virtual Web Symposium in De Balie Ansterdam. Since I was a few blocks away from the debate i thought i would walk over and take a look. I took a few snapshots with my 2 day old iPhone to try and capture the environment. It was a high energy crowd with the majority of people for Obama.

Front view of Debate
The Front of the Rec Center where the debate was held

Hillary Supporter

Obama people
Obama signs

IMG_0010.JPG Lots of Obama people

Ron Paul people Ron Paul people. They had a funny sign that said “DON’T TAX ME BRO”

George Lopez at Democratic Debate Look its George Lopez!

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