In about 6 minutes I will be part of a Panel in Second Life | Storytelling in virtual environments. These are a few sample projects I will be using. Better late than never : )

An example of an Intro movie each student of mine makes in my SINS course. This is their first assignment in the course and it is due at the end of the first week of class. Each intro (autobiography) must be less than 70 seconds

A digitalstory telling project about online dating created by a student in Fall 2006 course

The is a video about peer-to-peer file sharing a student of mine made in my Spring 2007 SINS course. The video is currently being used by as a training aid in an Academic Library workshop.

This is a short video about the DMCA fro a student in my Spring 06 SINS Course (Social Issues in a Networked Society). In this video she interviews Georgia Harper, the copyright and fair-use scholar of higher ed right up there with Siva Vaidahyanathan and Lessig. This video lacks the amount of reflection I would have liked but i think she makes up for it with her attention to detail.

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