New Agendas for Media Literacy conference begins later today and will be hosted by Kathleen Tyner in the RTF department at the University of Texas. The keynote speaker tonight is James Gee who I hope will be talking about his book Good Games + Good Learning. Last time Jim was on campus he was speaking at SALSA (Symposium About Language and Society) and he seemed more than thrilled at his opportunity to speak about linguistics and not video games, leaving a few of us disappointed. I’m excited to hear his thoughts about Media Literacy.

Most of the conference will be held saturday and there is no fee to attend! Leslie Jarmon (coFounder of educators Coop) will be a discussant in the afternoon session titled Beyond the Classroom: Games, Simulation and Virtual Environments

* Literacy in Action: Media Literacy in Community Based Settings
* Beyond the Classroom: Games, Simulation and Virtual Envrionments
* New Media Literacy in the Formal Classroom
* Preparing Teachers for Digital Learning Environments

Here is a picture from the Friday night dinner at the Clay Pit
New Agendas for Media Literacy 3

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