So Anaheim is really clean and touristy to the extreme and the convention center area is full of boring and surprisingly expensive chain and hotel restaurants. Luckily last night as I went for a long evening stroll I found a great local bar called Captain Bombays. I must have been walking for about 25 minutes before i spotted it so i imagine its about a mile and a half from the convention center area at Katell and Euclid. Great local bar, fantastic jukebox , quite a few beers on tap for a bar this size and .50 pool. The cab ride back to the Hilton was $8…

Captain Bombay

Captain Bombays

Cho Nho is a Vietnamese restaurant located in the same burnt up shopping strip (watch your step) where i ate the best shrimp fried rice in my life. Seriously, what was in that red sauce? Cho Nho was awesome, the food was great and as were the karaoke singers. Dinners were passing a microphone from table to table and taking turns singing. I think they were singing in vietnamese but i’m not sure. Good times and my first glimpse of “the real” anaheim. Well I’m off to attend the morning Oral History program.

Chot Nho

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