Gaming Night ROck Band 3

Gaming night was quite a bit of fun with a few unexpected surprises. ALA President Loriene Roy, an avid gamer, gave out the first Presidential Citations for Gaming in the Libraries. 3 citations were awarded, one for Innovation in Education, Innovation in Library Programs, and Innovation in Technology. What i liked about Gaming Night was the mix of table games and video console games. Many people were playing turn-based board games and i learned about quite a few new board games such as 10 days in the USA


The hall was setup with four projection screens with Dance Dance Revolution, Mario cart, Wii Sports, and Rock Band. It was fun watching people discover the Wii, for many people last night was the first time they had ever seen or played a Wii. I have a feeling that many will be purchasing a Wii when they get back home.

Gaming Night DDR

I had an embarrassing moment while playing Rock band. I was asked to play with a group of four Rock band Ringers on Expert level so we could show the crowd the complexities of the game. The other three guys were really good…I was handed the microphone and asked to sing Welcome Home from Coheed and Cambria….I failed out within the first few bars…BUt i later made up for it with a decent rendition on Enter Sandman from Metallica.

Gaming Night Mario Cart Wii

All in all Gaming Night was a lot of fun and it served in connecting the traditional board gamers with the newer video-gamers and I think both groups gained respect for each other and saw more similarities than differences.

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