Henry Stokes (my conference roommate) hosted a Wellness fair as part of Loriene Roy’s presidential initiative for workplace wellness. He did a fantastic job creating a day long program that included sessions on healthy eating, chair pilates, office yoga, hula dancing, and Dance dance revolution among others…
Wellness fair

Chair Pilates Wellness fair
I have never done pilates before but i must admit that i found the stretching to be very relaxing and I may look into taking a class when i return to Austin. My back had been tightening up the last few days since i have been walking around the conference area with a loaded backpack and sitting for hours at a time. The simple movements felt great and i could feel my spine straighten out towards the end of the mini-workout…

The Hula dance was really fun. My Hawaiian brother Annalou sang and taught us a short dance. It was great to see him interact with audience, he explained the history of the particular song he was singing and explained each movement of the dance making it easy to follow. The steps were..push the sun, search the ocean, pick the berries, welcome the Earth, and get nasty LOL… He was great

Asian/Pacific American Librarians Association (APALA) reception has been the highlight of my week. I was able to reconnect with Annalou whose wife sang songs for us on her ukulele. APALA knows how to let loose with beautiful song and dance. See the pictures below to get a feel of the reception….

APALA Asian/Pacific American Librarians Association

Look, another SL librarian!

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