Bluewave Ogee
Dear Friends,
With sadness I regret to inform you that a wonderful and kind soul, Dr. Leslie Jarmon aka Bluewave Ogee passed away last night (11-24-09).

As many of you know, Bluewave has been undergoing chemo therapy for cancer of the lymph nodes the last year. On Friday she was placed in hospice care at her brother’s home in Austin, Texas. She has been surrounded by family and friends. Last night at 8:30PM Leslie passed away.

I was able to spend the weekend at her side, she was in good spirits, jovial and at peace. We spent alot of our time reminiscing about Second Life and the Educators Coop. She loves all of you and she wanted to thank you for all your work and collaborations over the last few years. I asked her if she had a message to share and she replied

“tell them its been REAL”

Rx has built a site where we will keep a permanent memorial for Bluewave. Please visit and in the spirit of collaboration, add a few prims : )
North Lamar / Joe Sanchez

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  1. Joe, I was so glad to get yr message that you had just landed in Austin and were on your way to see Leslie. We’ve lost a brilliant colleague and an even more stellar friend. Together, you and Leslie laid the groundwork for truly visionary teaching, learning, and above all, communicating.

    We are richer for this and much more. This Thanksgiving I will try to find some way to express my gratitude for her gift of friendship, and will always be in awe of her intellect, kindness, and courage.


  2. I feel very sad to hear that Dr. Jarmon (Bluewave) is passsed away. I knew her through her writings and I feel a great respect for her courage.

    Good bye Leslie! Keep up your magnificent and admirable second life!

  3. I feel so lucky to have worked with Leslie. She always brought such an amazing energy to our work. I have never met someone with so much passion for breaking the boundaries of what is possible in education by using technologies, such as Second Life. We have lost an amazing colleague and friend.


  4. Here’s to the girl who let me read her copy of Ubu Roi in ’72. Idealistic, intelligent, witty and a darling person. In her senior year of high school, Leslie’s father gave her a new blue Camaro. How cool was that! I remember her as a friend working on voter registration in Corpus Christi. In Austin as undergrads, she was first a drama major. I remember walking across the campus with a failing umbrella in a driving rain to meet her at the drama school one night. And then for just a little while, Leslie was a college sweetheart- too briefly- but college kids do tend go their separate ways. Oh, gee. So sad to read this.

  5. I am saddened for so many reasons. Also blessed that I met Leslie in August 2007 already, and could talk every now and then… I had her support so early on and thank her for it.

  6. Leslie was my Aunt. I can only hope that her inspiration to connect the education system even more is still alive today. She was so excited about this project and talked about it often. Mostly to the point that her family tried to change the subject everytime. That’s just how she was though. When she found something that she thought would help anyone, she put her whole heart and soul into it. We loved her for it and I am so glad to say that I grew up with such an amazing woman as my role model. Thank you so much for keeping her memory alive and sharing the vision that she held so dear. Even now, it means the world to see people actively finding new ways to become educated and educate others. She was so proud of this new step in technology. So keep stepping forward and know that she is proud to have worked with you. πŸ™‚

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