Video- What makes Second Life different

The final piece of my three part video series featuring student reflections about Learning in Second Life is now available.

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  • Dr. Sanchez,

    I wanted to enroll in your course last summer but I was placed on a waiting list. Is their a way that maybe you could come back to U.T Austin next summer as a visiting professor in the School of Information to teach working in Vitual Worlds. I was told by one of my professors in the I School that you were the expert in second life. I am taking a course this semester from Owen Mcnalley. Looking forward of hearing from you soon. I wish you could teach said course this summer. Only one course is being offered to undergraduate students in information studies.

    • Hi Joseph,
      I’ll be teaching at Rutgers this summer but we might be able to swing some kind of independent study through the iSchool. Talk to your advisor about it.

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