The application process for the i3 program is open for Summer 2017. The iSchool Inclusion Institute (i3) is an undergraduate research and leadership development program that prepares students from underrepresented populations for graduate study and careers in the information sciences. Only 25 students from across the country are selected each year to become i3 Scholars

Underrepresented Students
Students from underrepresented populations and students with a demonstrated commitment to eradicating racial disparities for graduate study and careers in the information sciences are encouraged to apply.

The i3 admissions committee considers a broad set of criteria when defining underrepresented in order to provide as much opportunity for students as possible. In addition to racial and ethnic diversity, i3 considers gender, sexual orientation, ability/disability, national origin, ancestry, and status as a veteran in its admissions. Students are encouraged to explain in their application essays how they will use their background and experiences to make a valuable contribution to the information sciences.

Who Should Apply?
Undergraduate students enrolled in an accredited college or university in the United States; students that have recently graduated may also apply
Students enrolled in any academic major; undeclared or undecided students are also welcome to apply
Students who have an interest in graduate school
Students who are open to exploring the information sciences and its many interdisciplinary fields
Individuals that can demonstrate a commitment to diversity and increasing opportunities for underrepresented populations
U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents

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