Podcast: Traveling to Cuba for Americans

In this episode Dr. Maria Malyk joins me as we discuss the logistics of traveling to Cuba as Americans, finding and booking Casa Particulars (local rooms for rent w/ families), food, music, cigars, internet challenges, and we share a couple of our most memorable moments in the city.

For a detailed write up check our Maria’s write up http://mariamalyk.com


Havana, Cuba montag

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Podcast: Fashion Informatics with designer Shwetambari Mody

Social Informatics Fashion Designer Shwetambari Mody
Fashion designer Shwetambari Mody visits Informatics Overload

Fashion designer Shwetambari Mody visits Informatics Overload

Shwetambari Mody is an Indian-born, international fashion designer and branding expert living in New York. She is best known for her classic, vibrant, high fashion neck scarves, whose designs and fabrics come together to express both classic and modern elements of the global world.

In the podcast, Shwetambari discusses her design process, the workflow within R&D in the fashion industry and how it fits into Socio-technical systems. We even geek out about fabric libraries and product naming conventions within the fashion industry.


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Podcast: Kansas City BBQ and Screencasting

In this podcast, created as part of the Multimedia Production course,  I’m joined by Jacob and Kristen as we discuss Kansas City BBQ and Screencasting

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Podcast: A Conversation with Elaine Gomez

In this podcast I’m joined by Elaine Gomez, a graduate of the University of Southern California’s MFA program in Interactive Media and Game Design in the School of Cinematic Arts. We discuss the program at USC, empathy in video games, and gender representation in video games and Gamergate.

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Podcast: The Presentation Self in Everyday Life w/ Dr. Maria Malyk

In this podcast I’m Joined by Dr. Maria Malyk to discuss the Presentation of Self in Everyday Life by Erving Goffman.

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Podcast: What is a Game?

In this podcast, recorded for an undergraduate course Social Impacts of Video Games, I give a brief synopsis of several popular theories and theorists who try to answer the question, What is a Game?

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Podcast: Social Informatics and the Information Economy

In This podcast I discuss the Information Economy and how a Social Informatics lens can be used to critique the popular Techno Utopian view as presented by mainstream media. I discuss how Google’s business is not search but advertising, the concept of booms and busts in the computer industry and how Facebook fits into the mix.

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Podcast: A Conversation with Gamer Girls

In this podcast, recorded at the University of Pittsburgh during the iSchool Inclusion Institute (i3), I’m joined by four students who have been studying the representation of Women in Video Games.

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Podcast: Video Games in China

In this podcast, recorded while on Fellowship in Darmstadt, Germany, I speak with an American technology consultant currently working in the video game industry in China. He provides deep insider knowledge about the game industry culture, working as a foreigner in the game industry, and the differences in perceptions of video game effects on children and learning.


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